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Water Removal
The Bowdry by Bowcom has proved incredibly popular. Its capability to soak up the incessant rain has helped many games be played that would have otherwise been abandoned or curtailed.
After the floods of recent years, don't be caught without!
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Line Marking
The Fleet range of line markers, with either wheel to wheel or spray technology are available. The Kombi comes with additional features, such as its ability to have chemical spray arm attached, this making it tow machines for the price of one.
Also available are the range from Bowcom.
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Chemical Spreaders and Sprayers
CGE are pleased to offer the Trojan range of broadcast spreaders. Available in various sizes from 15kg, 30kg to 45kg, together with a towed unit option. We also have available those manufactured by Scotts.
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CGE offer the full range of sprayers manufactured by Team and Farmura. Additionally, the Fleet Kombi is available with a spray attachment to enable multi-use.
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Germination and Propagation Sheets
CGE germination sheets are a multi-purpose growth cover, designed to provide accelerated germination and winter protection. Manufactured from tough, woven polyethylene raschel material in black, it allows water and air movement, reduces seed erosion, prevents bird damage and speeds turf recovery.
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